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Huh' . . . For some reason I thought I'd care more. Was he even still relevant at this point? Oh well, I'm sure Obama will milk this for all it's worth.

I mean jeez', I don't pay attention to the news for a month and all of a sudden there's a revolution or something? I wonder what's going on over there?

Hai'. :D

2010-08-30 23:38:20 by CassCassXXX

Been' kind of busy for awhile, but I'm back. :3 (Not that anyone cares.)

Good news, everyone! :3

2009-10-27 05:17:30 by CassCassXXX

I am . . still alive! And that means I'm not dead. Hooray for being not dead! :D

A question to Newgrounds. =3

2009-09-11 11:24:20 by CassCassXXX

What gives your life purpose? What keeps you entertained? What are your hobbies? I need something new and fun to do . . soon. =o.o=

I'm . . so . . BORED . .

2009-08-28 22:53:10 by CassCassXXX

Why does my life have to be so BORING . . ? =T.T= *Sigh.* I wish I was a cat . . Then my life would be exciting and full of adventure . . =o.o=

"It" being the "situation", and the situation being that once again a "Duck Devision" member uploads a video of a man being beheaded. No action on part of staff, though staff was contacted, and once again users are forced to watch the video in order to know its content and blam it. Only this time, my review of the video, which warned users of its content, was REMOVED. I just find it horribly bizzare that my review, warning users of the content, was removed, while the video remains. I'm not even going to bother reporting those videos anymore to Wade Fulp, the users always manage to blam them within a few hours before he even gets to them, and I'm sick of doing the staff's work for them. Both times I was one of the first on the scene, and if moderators had the power to take down videos I'm sure I could have contacted one who was online and had it taken down. Ugh' . . I don't even know what to do anymore, Newground's system for all this stuff is just horrible and I have a headache . .

There was one up in a tree last night, a little one, and it kinda' looked like a cat with feathers to me. They got those big kitty eyes . . Somethin' to think about for sure. =o

A video of a man having his head cut off was put up today by a self proclaimed "cyber terrorist". It managed to stay up for awhile before users were able to blam it. The original video apparently had been stick figures fighting, but then was switched. No staff was on hand to take it down, and who knows how many people saw it. It was rated for "everyone". I'd say it was up for at least 40 minutes. Truly a disturbing lack of action on part of the staff, if there were even any on who realized what had happened, because the users sure did . .

If you're sleeping, you're not online posting things or doing whatever, you're sleeping. The sleeping mood is pointless, and anyone who uses it is telling a lie. =o.o=